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Welcome to the future of high speed mobile communications in Richmond.

Whether you’re a student, permanent renter, business owner or visitor, you need... no, you demand high speed access to resources and services. RVAwifi helps connect you to those resources. We work with local business and property owners to place broadcasting routers and other equipment in the area to get the network out there. All you have to do is use it!

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What’s New?

  • Subscriber Network Launch!

    The RVAwifi subscriber network and the accompanying customer management system launched today in the City of Richmond and surrounding region....
  • Shop for RVAwifi Online

    RVAwifi products can now be found online at http://shop.lionlike.com!  Come support the RVAwifi initiative for free public wifi and help...
  • RVAwifi at Home? Why not?

    Thoughts From the GM: In a conversation with a colleague several days ago, I was asked, “Why would someone put...
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